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...So, last weekend Mini reminded me that I forgot to give her teachers an end of the year gift...Duh!  What's a creative mom to do...I went into my closet, got out some remnants and got busy making the teachers a simple tote bag that they can fold up and throw into their handbag...It was a hit!  They turned out so nice...I'm off today to find more fabric and put a few in my Etsy Shop.


  1. These are cute. Love them. I have a zebra I carry everywhere. They are so light weight and much more comfortable than purses...

  2. No I don't carry the Zebra anywheere. He stays at home. But I do carry my zebra design tote(LOL)

  3. i will be on the lookout for these totes. are you going to be making anymore of the tanks. i'm mad i missed out on them

  4. now you know i'm still rockin' the bag i bought from you last year---think its time to get a new print---may i ask the cost???

  5. Hey guys,

    Jamie...I will be making more t's...keep checking
    Essense...The bags will sell for $22.00

  6. So... any more of those going into the Soul Pretty shop any time soon?


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