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I am a believer in "vision boards".  I first learned about them in art school...It's a creative way to keep your mind on the task at hand.  If your re-doing your bedroom...why not print images of things that you like and post them on a piece of paper.  That way when shopping you don't waste time looking at things you don't really want.  This can be done with your life too.  Make a board of all the things you want in life...put it up somewhere where you can see it everyday...maybe a closet door.  Every time you open a door you'll be reminded of your goals.

I think this is a good idea for a party...maybe a New Years Eve Party...have everyone over, kids and all...take out your old magazine and get to cutting...cutting images of things that you would like to do or have in the new year...glue them onto a board and take them home...get together one year later just to see how many visions came true.  Add drinks, food and music.


  1. I'm glad you reminded me of this. I really need to do this with everything. Do you take your vision board with you shopping? or do you refer to it and make notes?
    Great video.

  2. hey Sandra,

    I take my vision board with me shopping...I carry a small note book with me everywhere...

  3. I have 4 in my house (my blog header is a vision board) and I also carry one around in my purse. I love them! I just wish I knew about them when I was younger!

    I currently have a new one of various designs/colors I want to use when making jewelry. I have to laugh because every time someone comes over to my house people say "Are you an artist?". I have to laugh and say, no, I just have a vision" and then I explain.

  4. Moni, I love your blog header...


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