Today's Inspsiration...

Images inspiring me today...

Pretty....Soul Pretty.

Once again...I want a new sofa.

wallpapered ceiling...never needs to be painted.  LUV

White beads...I want.

I'd love to attend the party..., the other day I was going thru my "prop" closet and found two - (2) lamps exactly like the one pictured here...I don't even remember buying them...I love when that in my closets.


  1. Wait, you have a closet just stored with home goodies? Man I wish.

  2. My closet is full of boxes of stuff. Mostly papers and the like that no one wants to go through, so there it sits... One of these days. Seems like such a waste of a good day to sit and do the work. I could be out snapping pictures or travelling or reading, or watching a good movie. you get the idea. Love the pictures here, and yeah I'm getting the itch for a new couch.

  3. Yep...I do have a closet full of props...I'll take a picture of it one day...


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