I'm easily distracted...

I was working on my gallery wall when I came across a couple of frames that I picked up from HomeGoods on clearance...$1.00 each...

...they used to look like this

...after a couple of coats of my black bean paint...

...I traced one circle to use as a guideline...

...then I free-styled the patterns using a pencil eraser to make the dots. 

...and now they look like this.

...I put my Maxwell concert photo in the frame.  LUV!


  1. That's so cool. Reminds me of an ethnic print/pattern.

  2. LOVE! The pattern reminds me of the picture you posted the other day. Way to go!

  3. You are to much for color TV!!! Just FAB!!!!

  4. you and paint are having an affair... How did you get the dots to look so clean around the edges?

  5. i wish i read this post before i left for the dentist---there is this crazee thrift store next door and i seen the most wunderful frames and looked them over and walked away---danggitt---guess i better go back---i want to paint mine brown since my bathroom is brown and tan---would like to have something like that on my wall behind the toilet---hmmmmm---stay tuned!---TFS!----peacE!

  6. Sandra...I like the way you think...I am having an affair with my black bean paint...smile.

  7. sandra...I dipped the pencil eraser into the paint and stamped it onto the frame...they come out perfect every time...

  8. great touch. i really admire your creativity. inspires me to get out of so much sewing and into other things like i once did...


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