...So, remember when I purchased that can of black oopps paint from Lowe's a couple weeks ago?  I was going to paint my terrace chair with it...Well, here is another tip for you when buying oopps paint...check the color before you purchase...yep.  Open the can and make sure the color on the outside of the can is the color that's in the can...the black paint I thought I had was actually brown...UGH!

Don't worry...I didn't waste it...I put it on one wall in my living room...I wasn't sure if I liked it at first (when it was wet) but look how good it makes my ugly couch look.

 ...and my Mini matches the wall now...smile.

...and when I saw the sun dance across the wall all afternoon...I knew it was a keeper...alls well that ends well...


  1. I'm a fan of brown paint! Certainly looks chic and goes well with your couch and wicker ottoman.

  2. Thanks ladies...the wall needs a little art piece...

  3. I really like it, a good opps.

  4. I wish my on-purpose paint looked as good as your double oops paint!

  5. Earth tones just love you. There are no accidents. Love it.

  6. That color looks amazing, and makes your couch look new again, hopefully you will keep that couch just a little bit longer...gorgeous!


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