My living room is not nice...

...these are my chairs.  UGH!  I don't like my living room furniture at've heard me rant about this hear before...a sofa I paid way too much for and therefore I feel like I can't get rid of it...and these two puppies...sigh.  Need to be recovered badly...I don't want to throw them out...they work really well in other rooms in my apartment and are easy to move around...I just don't like the way they've been looking for way too long...I made a muslin slipcover and never got around to actually purchasing the actual fabric to re-cover them...below you will find my inspiration...that's all I got right now...inspiration.

I kinda like this fabric...but, I think the pattern is too trendy and I never want to re-cover these chairs again.  So, I may have to stick with a solid.

Wo-who...this is the dream...maybe I should just purchase a couple yard of faux fur and just throw it over the chairs...the book cases are perfection...this picture makes me want to clean up.


  1. I like the geographic fabric a lot - but could see how one could get tired our it....why a not a simple fabric and funky colorful pillows?


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