Do you believe in dreams...?

...I had a dream last night...I was renting a vacation home a block away from a beach...there were a lot of people in the I decided to get up early and go down to the beach for a little solitude...when I reached the beach it was wet like a rain storm had just I walked along the wet sands with my UGG boats until they filled with wet sand and I took them off...I came across a group of women standing in front of a house...I asked what they were waiting for, and a women showed me a quilt and said she bought it yesterday for a great price and they were all waiting for this store to open...ladies were going to the side door, locked...we tried the back door, locked...we tried the basement door, locked...just then, I heard MY...front door bell ringing...It was Mini's heart was beating so fast...We over slept.

I began posting this story to ask if any of you interrupt dreams...I really felt like this dream means something...but, as I type this...I have my heart is beating fast  I couldn't sleep yesterday...the question, now what?  Had been on my mind all day...My life has been laser focused on Mini for 14 years...and now that she's good...Now what...?  I think the dream is trying to tell me that the storm is over and I have dragged my feet long enough...It's time to open my store...people have been waiting and they are ready...and not only will it be a success...but, it will feel like I'm on vacation...If I could just get away from some people...hum. Do you think I'm reading too much into this dream?  I don't want to over sleep.


  1. wow! I believe in dreams literally and figuratively.

  2. great interpretation! i don't think you're reading too much into it.

    (but then again i may be bias because i LOVE reading dreams and hearing/reading what people--including the dreamer--think they mean.)

    i say, if you're feeling like that's what it is, that's what it is! in this case it makes great sense.


  3. It doesn't sound to odd to me. I think your intuition is telling you something and something is going to bring itself to light soon! You'll know where then time is right. Embrace it!

  4. I'm in agreement with everyone. A store just sounds very you. An Anthropologie type thing. Wow. Let me know if this happens. I'm so there!!!

  5. I'm going to work on a vision board soon...a board with all the things I need to do to get where I need to go...and just check things off as they happen...I need a goal...

  6. I am l8 however; I believe that dreams can come true and also that this is one door closing and another one opening.
    Create the vision and making it plain is a gr8 way to start.
    Luv your Blog! It is so warm and inviting. (I know I have been replying to just about every last post BUT...Me like it here!)


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