A little project...

...remember the other day when I went to the Army and picked up that little purse?  Well, this is what the  BFF picked up for her new home.  Gorg!  She hopped on it right away...and the price...wait for it....less than $60.00 bucks...YEP!  Solid, solid, solid piece of history...and you can tell it was lovingly taken care of...not a stain, scratch or notch on it...I immediately thought of all the storage this piece can hold...It's like an entire kitchen in one piece...The pictures below are just a little inspiration of what I was thinking could happen to this piece when I saw it...Not sure if the BFF is going to go for painting it...I'm not even sure about painting it...I think we can make it more contemporary without paint...stay tuned...

I love the idea of painting it white...using wallpaper in the background and choosing new pulls like those pictured here...luv.

Hum...I love the straight handles on this piece too...

I like the idea of hanging small framed art on the back wall...


  1. Gorgeous Piece! I say paint it!!! But if she wants a would look than just re-stain it so it looks fresh and updated.

  2. Unbeatable price! And I'm a fan of the white cabinets.

  3. Gorgeous, Gorgeous and the white really works -- I say paint that baby!

  4. You all have great stuff at your Salvation Army. What a great find. So much can be done with this. And you are right, a whole kitchen in one unit. Can't wait to see how it ends up looking.

  5. Oh my goodness, I went to the Salvation Army near me and I have to tell you that the place was packed, and all the yummy furniture was snatched up. There were a few pieces, but these people were not playing. 50% off what a deal !


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