Sunday, Sunday...

I finally got out of the house this weekend when my cousin and I went to HomeGoods...then we stopped by our favorite pizza spot for some pizza and wine...then we went to the wig store where my cousin and her co-workers (thanks guys) chipped in to buy Mini a wig...As you can see from the photos, she loves it!  So much so, we took pictures for 2 hours, fun, fun and we got some great shots...

..the dress Mini is wearing is actually a wrap skirt...worn wrapped high across the chest instead of at the waist...simple.  I didn't take any photos of her standing in the dress...ah.


  1. Mini is so incredibly beautiful, my goodness. These photos are great. Glad you got out. So Glad you had a fun photo shoot. You're such an amazing mom. Thanks for the courage, bullet proof optimism and positivity. Much love to you both.

  2. You two are just awesome. She looks amazing with or without the wig. I would swear she was purposely doing the no hair thing just because she looks so great! Go Mini!! You are such an inspiration as a mom, and she as one of our future leaders. Go head on wit' yo bad selves!! LOL

  3. Awww this is beautiful. Love the couch photos.

  4. My favorite family!

    Love the photos. Question, where did you get that dress Mini has on? Love it!

  5. Mini is stunning! OMG....that face! Modeling?????

  6. Mini is just beautiful and you are such a wonderful Mom! Sending you my best!

  7. Beautiful!!!!! Continuing to pray for you both.

  8. She is so friggin gorgeous! She's got an amazing smile and her face and aura just light up! I've been MIA in blogland but so glad to stop by here and see Mini looking so fly and doing well.

  9. LOOOOVE these!!! (especially the ones in the skirt/dress).
    i believe it takes a beautiful, strong and confident (young) lady to embrace and rock having no hair.
    way to go Mini! wear it well :)

    So happy to see you home...healthy and happy :)

  10. She's beautiful with and without the wig! Love your blog.

  11. wow...her wig looks great but the pics of her with no hair brought tears to my eyes...she is absolutely gorgeous! I don't think I've ever had that moment before...her beauty is captivating. God bless you both and praise God for your miracle. He's sooo good :)

  12. Mini is SUPER <MODEL READY! Without a wig or with. Tooo BEAUTIFUL! U have been such an inspiration to my Darling Daughter and I. We just love the fact that no matter what did or did not happen, you kept a positive attitude and you kept Mini encouraged as well.!
    U truly have a TESTIMONY!
    (hence when is the book coming)
    The Journey by Soul Pretty & Mini!
    Thanks for sharing your life with us! (YES still in tears)


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