Get it while it's hot..., here it is...I'm selling it for $40.00...If you purchase it today and today only...shipping is FREE...If you purchase it after today add an additional $5.00 for shipping...I only made one ladies, so first come first serve...It's hot....12" x 14"...wool/chenille/faux leather...fully lined...

My inspiration for this bag is Karen of the wonderful fashion blog, 
If you are not familiar with her blog I urge you to check it out...She is an up and coming fashion stylist living her dream in NYC by way of London...It's format is very simple and updated daily...Karen tells you where to find the coolest clothes at the best prices in NYC...I promise you won't be disappointed, you'll be inspired...tell her Soul Pretty sent you.


  1. Gorg. And I love Karen's blog, so inspiring.

  2. That bag is smokin' hot. You did that.


    Love this bag!! Poor as heck!

    I agree, I am also a reader of Karen's. Love her style and I love her blog!!

    I need this bag!!!


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