Scenes from Fashions Night Out - 2010

One minute I'm posting her video on my blog for minute, I'm standing in front of her watching her perform for FREE! That's just how the universe rolls...It was great...NYC is always alive, but, Friday's Fashion Night Out was nothing like I've ever experienced in my years living here...Every store was open until 11 pm...all doors were wide open and some of the biggest designer stores were serving free cocktails...there were live bands...DJ's...performance artist...block parties...It was crazy...So glad my bro talked me into going out...

We saw Corrine Bailey Rae perform at The Plaza Hotel...FREE! She was so beautiful and gracious...gotta love New York City.


  1. I'm so happy you got to see her live and for free! Awesome. I just did a post about Chicago's FNO, nothing like NY, but I appreciated the free cocktails : )

  2. gotta love how the universe works! :-D

    great photos. i've GOTTA get mtself back to NY!!


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