Weekend in pictures...

Last night was a good night...Mini and I had friends and family over for a little transplant send off dinner...

I kept it simple, a little cabbage and cornbread...

Mini and friends...goofing in her room...

Mini and my niece, Shanell...she bought Mini a pillow pet and a snuggie for the hospital...Mini loved it.

...a little yellow vegetable rice and baked chicken...YUM.


  1. She's going to be just fine! Prayers going up!

  2. Thanks Tami...I've linked ya to my blog...

  3. Sending positive vibes and prayers! <3

  4. I have been following this blog for mor than a year. I'm touched and I'm going to pray for Mini.

  5. You're the best mom and you guys have a great relationship.

    Mini will be in my prayers every night! : )

  6. mmmm....cabbage and cornbread.

    sending positive energy y'alls way! :-)


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