Thrifting, thrifting, and more thrifting..., showing off on my terrace

...receipt from yesterday's outing...

My new terrace chair, it swivels, it rocks, it spins...It was just....$5.99! I can't wait to cover those cushions with some funky bohemian fabric...Something bright like pink...maybe yellow...and will the chair itself get a little paint...Well, you know me...just wait and see.

Mini and I finally got around to donating five bags of clothes and other fabulousness from her room to the Salvation Army...I just love the idea of some little girl being dragged to the store out of necessity, bored to death when she finds some of Mini's donated items priced at a dollar and asking her mom if she could have it (Oh yeah...that was my childhood...sorry, I digress)...this chair was a mess in the store...when I asked Maria how much? She looked at me like I was crazy and said, "you want that?" ME: ...Ah yeah, how much...? MARIA: ...Give me $5.99... ME: Doing the happy dance in my mind...
Just as an FYI...Wednesday is family day at every Salvation Army...that means all the clothing is 50% off! That place was so crowed yesterday...I stood on line for 40 minutes...UGH! Mini waited in the car...she thought I was

The Salvation Army will also come to your home to pick up any useable furniture items you may's the number...(718) (516) 481-7600

Brand new Ikea Doggie Picture - $4.99...It may replace the Ali poster in my kitchen...but, Mini has become quite fond of Mr. Ali and does not want him to leave...


  1. I'm so jelly of your Salvation Army. Folks I talk to here say ours is crap. I still need to see for myself.
    The chair is nice, I can so see it funked out too. Please keep us posted.


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