What's blogging my view...sigh.

...this is what I get to experience every night...it's the sunset view from my living room window. Sigh...whenever I really think about moving...this always brings me back...where else will I get a view like this? I have tried to photograph it before without success...I recently found a special setting on my camera just for sunsets and viola...


  1. I know Essense...that just what I was thinking yesterday while taking the picture...We try to control everything in life...but, there are just somethings that we will never control...the sun will rise and the sun will set and there is nothing we can do about it...that gives me comfort.

  2. Yes it is a reminder of God's love. I'm glad you have that serene moment that is so needed in life. Great shots. You ever thought of blowing one up and framing it?

  3. Wow. Whenever I get a sunset (or sunrise) that amazing I run for my camera but have yet to capture it the way you did. Just gorgeous.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I agree with Essense! Isn't HE?!

  5. love your reply. VERY comforting! :-)



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