Things I wanna do...and things I like this week...

Another Easy D.I.Y.

Thrift stores are loaded with vintage scarfs...and IKEA is loaded with cheap simple picture frames...put the two together and viola...instant graphic art.

I heart everything about this room...didn't I pick up a very similar chair last week at the Salvation Army? The cross is beautiful....Hum, a little imagination a trip to Micheals Craft Store, Home Depot and a couple of 2 x 4 could make this happen.

I luv everything about it...everything...

...polished with an ethic edge...luv.

...this photos been around for a while (Domino Magazine)...I just love it...and the Salvation Army had the same coffee table last week for $40.00...Yes, US

Here's another Easy DIY...

Is your fridge old? No time or money for a big overhaul? Why not hit it with a little chalk board comes in colors now...I'm sure some priming has to go on before the chalk paint...but, wow! It looks cool.


  1. Great minds, I just did an entire post on chalkboard paint. I'm obsessed.

    Love the rattan floor stools, been contemplating getting a couple from Ikea for the longest. I need to just go ahead and do it.

  2. Love everything, love your pics, all so very inspiring...sigh...

  3. The chalkboard fridge is genius! And you're right, they even have one in white!

  4. i've been wanting to do a fridfge like that, and someday i will! so neat.


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