Small Space...Big Style...

A lot of us live in cities where space is at a premium...or maybe you just live at home and want to turn out your personal space...check out these ideas..

...I love how they went big and bold...bold color and big furniture...If you choose to design your room this way, you really have to commit to it...You really can't have lots and lots of little unmatched nicknacks or accessories...Pick a color (here it's red) and use it as a bold accent...You do that by repeating the color in the room at least 3 times...Here it's repeated in the rug, lamp and seat cushions...Keep to a theme and go for it...

I like this small space because it's subtle with a pop of soft wallcovering as a focal point...keep everything else plain (no pattern) and simple...Remember, scale is so important...Do you see the small end tables and small lamps...nothing big and bulky...just like the room above...commit to the scale...don't mix sizes.

I've had a couple of clients with small living room spaces similar to this one...Again, it's all about playing with the scale of furniture and not being afraid to place big objects in a small room. Another thing that works in this room is the placement of the art work...Do you see how the height of the pictures mimic the size and scale of the window? That's how you make a room work...balance...I can just imagine myself coming home to this room and watching CNN.

Again, commit, commit, commit...if you have a small kitchen, paint everything, walls, cabinets, even the ceiling one bold color...and the accessories in another color...keep all finishes one color...I heart it...big style, small space.

...this image is similar to the kitchen above...commit to the monochromatic shades...and relax. Again, do you see the repeat of color in this room? The chaise, throw and flowers on the night table are the same...

I know we've all seen the closet turned into office make-over...but, this is an option when you live in a small space...Do you see the 3 times repeat of the turquoise color? I love how they hung a light from the ceiling...and close the curtain and it all goes away.

Most New York City apartments have similar kitchens...I just wanted to inspire you to see that you can have good design no matter how small the space.


  1. I love this post! The 3peat of color is a really really good design tip! Thanks!

  2. Love this, we have small home so I love seeing small space decor ideas!

  3. these are great. love that green kitchen.


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