My weekend in pictures... Mini headed upstate to go camping with her dad this weekend and I headed into the Emerald City for a day with a friend...where Park Avenue was closed down to traffic for 7 that New Yorkers could bike, skate and walk without the horror of playing in traffic...It's called Summer Streets and it's going on for the next two Saturday's in skate and bike rentals...learn more here.

...thought about my mom...(it's been a year since she left us) and I spent the day doing exactly what I told her I would be doing on that date...spending the day the way the two of us would have if she were still here...I visited the Union Square Farmers Market where I bought a couple of $1.00 house plants...she would have loved that...Now I've gotta plant them on the terrace...where my flowers are not looking so good...

Had brunch in brooklyn with my Bro and sister-in-law...I heart turkey burgers.

I photographed the graphic billboards and sent the photos via email to Walmart to have them printed in an 8x10...just $2.88 a print...then I'm off to IKEA for frames to hang them somewhere in my apartment...I heart them...


  1. Great photos. Sounds like a lovely weekend.

  2. What a great idea! I'm thinking I'll have to come up with a similar way to honor my mother. She's been gone for 13 years and I still miss her, but it would be great to have a fun tradition to remember her by. Thank you for the idea.thauxibv

  3. wow, everything, everywhere you went was eclectic and amazing. hanging photographs you take is brilliant. and what would we do without ikea for certain things, like frames. i have 2 frames to pick up myself. glad you enjoyed!

  4. :-). i adore this post. and all that produce!!!!!


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