Photos from my trip to the Army yesterday...

With a lots of imagination and a little elbow grease your home can be beautiful on a budget.

$34.00...34.00 dollars people! I have no room...but, can' t you imagine it painted white with silver accessories...maybe in a baby's room holding all that baby stuff...too cool.

This was just $20.00 bucks...I imagine it in a teens room...holding their t.v., game console...books etc...Painted out in some funky color...the possibilities are endless.

I may have to go back for these for Mini's room...$30.00 for both.

This table was just $5.00...would be so pretty painted pink or was too heavy for Mini's room...It's solid, solid, solid wood...

This items were all ridiculously priced...long coffee table - $9.00, boxy side table - $7.00...

These two metal bookshelves were just $40.00 each...
I heart this cabinet...and could so see it painted white with silver accessories...and it was only $35.00...!?

...and guess what? That secretary desk I was lusting after last week was still there...$125.00, know I can't pay that...I'll keep my eye on it...the longer it stays...the deeper the discount...


  1. Where is the SA you go to in NY? The Goodwill here is crap but Value Village is good.

  2. ok - run back and get those metal bookshvles FAB!!!

    Love secretary desk too I've been on the hunt for one - crossing fingers we both find one at a great price! lol

  3. Oh Mrs. Chic, you know I wanted to bring those home with me...but where, where would I put them....sigh.

  4. Wow, just wow. I'm so jelly. I need a console, credenza for some extra kitchen storage. So many things you showed I could use. I must check my local Army out soon.


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