Check out my score from the Army yesterday...

O.K...I was going to be disciplined and only purchase what I came for...Didn't work...these puppies were just $3.99 for both...How could I leave them?

Score! Found this table for Mini's room, just $15.00 bucks..LOVE it! Love it so much...I may go back and get something else for Mini's room...because this table really looks good in my living room...Can't wait to get the paint brush to it...

Look at the details...Hugh storage compartment..

...but, it looks just like the inspiration room...the pieces just need a little paint.

Picked up these brass lamps months ago for Mini's room...just perfect with this table and lamp shade...

...and just for good measure...look what else I found at the Army...A beautiful leather Dolce and Gabbana handbag...I almost did the happy dance...$7.99...I couldn't wait for Mini to get home from summer school to show her...Wanna know what she said? "It can't be real." LMAO...I'm telling you...if you need to keep your feet on the ground, get yourself a 14 year old


  1. I have a table like that and I had no idea what to do with it. I'm curious to see what yours looks like once you paint it.

  2. so many great finds, those candle sticks are the bees knees! I like the side table you found too wanna see and after, I see those alot but have no vision for them help! lol :)

  3. Stay tuned...I'll try to have pics of the painted table on Monday or Tuesday...

  4. LOL @ it can't be real. Great finds, loving the branch like sticks.


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