More inspiration for Mini's room make-over...

I think this is my 5th inspiration room...I like the blue with white and I really like the fluffy pillows...Mini would love those. I can probably get a knock-off of that Hermes thrown for about $20 bucks on Canal Street...

I love the blue bed...just trying to decide if I should paint Mini's $1.00 bed blue....hum?

I guess it depends on the bedding...I really like the light, glamour of this room.
List of items needed for Mini's makeover...Budget @ $160.oo...Let's see if I can do it...

1. Buy Sheets
2. Buy Duvet
3. Buy Soft Fluffy Throw
4. Buy Rug Remnant
5. Buy Funky Lamp Shades
6. Buy/Make Accent Pillows
7. Buy Thrifted Night Stands and Paint
8. Make Drapes
9. Paint Large Mirror
10. Spray Thrifted Lamps
11. Paint Current Dresser


  1. LOL! Only a true NY'er would know where to get a knock off! LMAO!

    I love the color inspiration!

  2. Oh you know name the hot designer trend and I can take a 30 minute train ride to Canal street and get it with a twenty...another perk of living in the NYC.


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