All this for $46. bucks...

Let me set the scene...It's 9:30 a.m. on Saturday morning...I decided to drive over to the Salvation Army to drop off a couple of bags of donations...when this happened...I promise you I had no intention on buying anything...but chairs are my weakness...

Me: How much is this chest?
Maria: $34.00
Me: Can someone put it in my car?
Maria: Sure mommy.
Me: Oh, how much is this chair?
Maria: Mommy, that's $29.00
Me: Nice o.k...No thanks...I'll just take the table.
Maria: Mommy, the chair is nice huh?
Me: Yeah. I love it, but I have no room in my apartment for it.
Maria: Take it for $14.00
Me: No thanks Maria...maybe next time.
Maria: O.k. Mommy, I want you to have it...give me $9.00
Me: O.k. Maria, put it in the

How could I say no to $9.00? I can just imagine it covered in white paint...were I'll put it, is another question?



  1. Mommy, you got it bad---LOL
    i love it all!!!sapers

  2. That chair is the bizness! I like it!

    You go Mami! LOL!

  3. See what I told you...chairs to me are like shoes to most want them all...but, what the heck am I going to do with them...?

  4. Great buys. So hard to pass up a true bargain. I buy now and ask questions later.

  5. love the chest, would look great behind my entry door. great to store keys drop the mail and etc:

  6. strong black nyc lady, that's just what I was thinking...

  7. That chest almost looks like one used in a room by Marshall Watson!

    Here's a picture of the chest....the handles are the same!


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