D.I.Y. Thank you gift for Mini's teachers...

...it's the end of the school year...Monday is Mini's last day...and I wanted to do something nice for her teachers...I had to come up with something other than another Starbucks coffee gift card...While perusing blogs I came across this idea...Perfect! I bought three cases of sodas...they come in their own cool packaging and it can be used as a caddy for snacks and candy...So clever...I stuffed it with tissue paper, color coordinated straws, good and plenty, soda, and micro popcorn...I hope they like it...


  1. those have "i'm so happy it's summer" written all over them! what a super fun gift, without, like you said, giving the usual gift cards....really great!

  2. These are a great idea!! My son will be starting school in the fall. Will definitely use this!

  3. What a clever idea, so festive for summer.

  4. niiiice! definitely not the typical "thank you, teacher" gift. :-)


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