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Mood is located on the 3rd floor of an office building located at 225 W. 37th Street in New York City...Most students shopped there when we were in Design School...I was so surprised when I got there yesterday it was full of many different languages I couldn't keep up...This neighborhood is full of fabric stores. I visited a few others yesterday and they were one there...Weird...T.V... elevator operator will take you to the 3rd floor...this is a real NYC throw back...when was the last time you saw an elevator operator... in a 1950's movie...?

I thought the fabric would be more expensive... average price was about $20 bucks a yard...these were remnants...I didn't see any closeouts or sale areas...hum?

You can get any type of stretch jersey you can imagine...around $12 bucks a yard...

I fell in love with these buttons made of coconut shells and hammered metal...they started at $6.00 bucks a button... Ikat...

Trim, trim everywhere...

fun prints

this fabric would make cool window treatments...


  1. I don't think they have ever had a sale section, but I know after a certain "fashion reality show" started filming there, you couldn't find anything on sale.

    But I love Mood. I find great fabric there!

    Hmm, what could I do those Coconut Shells?


  2. *about to have a fabric fit*

    definitely some cool buttons.

    seems like somewhere recently i came across an elevator operator. threw me completely off. i coudld have been dreaming, though.

  3. Oh my, I would have so much fun there! Those prints are to die for


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