Client Meeting...

I'm heading into the Emerald City...client was delivered...gotta look it over...I'm rocking something like this...but, I think it's supposed to be 45 degrees in the NYC this may be a bit much...After the meeting I'm going to head over to MOOD fabric store, it's in the same neighborhood as the client's office...I'll try to meet up with a friend for, fun, fun...Now that's what I call a perfect Monday...Enjoy!

Every girl needs a theme song to get hyped for her day...Today, this is mine...playing over and over on the IPOD...What's yours? Stay tuned...I'm working on a GIVEAWAY!


  1. have fun at lunch and good luck with your client meeting. i know, i know, this snow has just got to stop already. :)

  2. yeah, great song. just had a good time singing along. :-)

    i always enjoy reading about your days/adventures.


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