...I keep seeing these Walmart commercials showcasing their new Home Trends Line of accessories and furniture...So yesterday, in my boredom, I went online to do a little research and I was pleasantly surprised...I think you will be too...Target didn't do their annual Global Furniture Display this year and I think it may have given Walmart a chance to step up their game...
Only problem, finding a Walmart in NYC is like finding a needle in a haystack...but that's why we have the internet, right?

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walmart lamps
Walmart pillows
walmart - bedding


  1. I saw these photos and let me tell you, the Walmarts in Long Island are fantastic. You may have to rent a car, but it's worth the trip!

    Or take Metro North to the one in White Plains!

    Being in NYC I don't think Walmart would work. People IMO would wreck the place! One thing I hate is having to go into a store and everything is torn apart!

    Then again, as you said, there's always the internet! I still prefer the stores because I have found things in the stores that aren't even on the internet (which irks me)

    Guess I'll be shopping there soon! : )


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