My Birthday Wishes...

...another birthday is coming in a couple weeks...and they say if you don't tell the universe what you want, how can you get it? So here are a couple of things that would make my b-day even better... favorite flower

...this yummy rare eclipse stone ring from Etsy...

I received this perfume for Christmas and it smells so nice I'd like it twice...

...this cool cover for my MacBook ...Luv


  1. You always find the coolest items. Lub the macbook cover. I hope you get all of those!

  2. Well, of your birthday wishes just came true!:-) My lovely mama gave me the Halle for Christmas, and I have a few signature scents that I already use frequently, so I have an unopened box of this. Email me your address (we need to catch up anyway) and it's yours! I'm saving it for you, dear!


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