Design a room around that...

...Do you remember the commercial where the designer is asked to design a room around a kitchen faucet? Well, my latest client has just handed me a faucet (actually, it's a chair...a big ugly chair) and told me to design his office around it...????????

I heart this office...


  1. don't you just love requests like that? ;) amazing. you'll do it, i know you will. also, happy early birthday, oh me too with the orchids. so decadent. they are so powerful, yet so fragile. that's what makes them so interesting. crossing my fingers you'll get a beautiful plant.

  2. Girl, stop acting like you can't make it WORK!!

  3. this is nice.

    i like that commercial. i'm always looking at individual pieces and thinking of how a room or concept can be born from that one piece.

    you got it!


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