Look what I got for my b-day...

I received this in the mail on Friday from a doll of a blogger friend, Lelita of Diva Style...she saw it on my birthday wish list and she sent it to me...just like that...How cool is she? Thanks girl...luv

Halle perfume...and such a beautiful b-day card too....


  1. Awwww....thanks so much for the shout! Again, I apologize for the haggard packaging job. I was trying to hurry, and wasn't expecting to even send it at the time that I did. Nonetheless, THANK YOU for the love and...hope the birthday is the MOST GRAND EVER!....And by the way, I saw Valentine's Day, too, and I failed to see the point of the damn movie...lol??? Someone just had millions of dollars to waste?? Sorry about your car doll--is everything worked out now? PS--Glad I could prove to Mini that blog friends really do exist. ;-)


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