Finally Posting Pics of My Kitchen Remodel...

I think I have these IKEA lights in every room...just $6.99

I have had this IKEA wine rack for at least 15 years...still kicking

...lately, this is where all the magic happens.

I purchased this little white box at the flea market for $5 bucks...all four drawers came full of buttons...luv.

My thrifted office chair...portable sewing machine and serger on the floor until needed.

Yep I do...Mini's dad did a wonderful job...

...this is my old's out of order now...needs a part...I need to get my Mom's machine...but, I just get sad thinking about it...So, I'm using my portable...

Mini's dad did a great job putting up this tile...I started with subway tile, but found this other tile...(normally used for bathroom floors) at Home Depot and immediately had the idea to cut it and use it with the subway tile and this is what Mini's dad and I came up with...the cowrie shell was my idea...a little whimsy...Entire backsplash cost around $45 bucks.

Muhammed Ali poster compliments of Michaels Arts and Craft Store Clearance Bin...$3.95

This is an IKEA laminate counter top...about $50 bucks...I heart it.

O.K. how cute is my sink? Just $19 at where else, IKEA...the faucet was Mini's idea...she liked the modern lines...I wanted something a little more country...this was about $50 at IKEA.

...My Buddha light...compliments of my little sister, who loves a bargain more than I do...I think she found it for around $10 bucks...

Buddha glowing at night...

...the small cabinet knobs were $2.99 for eight...IKEA.

...HomeGoods finds...around $20 bucks for everything.

I told Mini's dad that I needed more counter space and this is what he came up with...brilliant, right? All I have to do is flip it down when not in use.

I found this red "i" in HomeGoods for $4.99 and couldn't leave it...

...This is one of those rag rugs from IKEA....for $2.99 each...I purchased 3 and sewed them together...

...this display was inspired by Pottery Barn...Luv it...I found the big metal letter about 5 years ago in Anthropologie for $6.99 each. Did I mention that they sent me a birthday card with the cutest little necklace attached (will post later) and a 20% off anything coupon...I heart that store...

...everyone should be familiar with this light fixture from IKEA, $24.99 for so much still...normally you see it hanging but I decided to keep it close to the ceiling...

...Metal IKEA bookshelf, $19.99 - holding toaster, microwave, cook books, plant and lamp...

Mini's dad built this cabinet around the dishwasher...I thought it would be cool to paint it with chalkboard you see my little herb garden of basil...I can't wait until spring to plant more on my terrace...


  1. OMGawdddddd---okay my kitchen needs a uplift too--you have the most wunderful kitchen ever--i have white cabinets also--dont look like yours though--thank you for sharing!!

  2. Omg! I love your kitchen/work area! I so wish that I had some money, I would hire you in a minute to do my apartment!

    I also love your inspiration board! : )

  3. Great idea of sewing those 3 rugs together! I might have to "borrow" that idea from you at some point. *smiles*

    And what a great job you have done on your kitchen. Great indeed!

  4. Love. I'm in the process of trying to figure my kitchen out now. Gotta luv Ikea!

  5. Awesome Kitchen! Very inspiring.

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  7. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your remodel! Has great character. I might bite you and use some of your ideas!! ha ha
    Thanks for sharing!


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