When I was a little girl...

When I was a little girl I couldn't wait to grow-up and be Diahann Carroll...Mini can't wait to grow up and be Little Mama....lol.

I heard a very interesting interview with Ms. Carroll on NPR last week...She has a new book out about her amazing life titled, THE LEGS ARE THE LAST TO GO...I'll put it on my Christmas list...


  1. Ahhhh, I remember watching her on Julia (first run, not reruns) and feeling the exact same way. I even had the Julia Barbie doll with the nurse outfit.

    Lil Mama - LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LOVED Diahann Carol as a girl.
    I used to watch re-runs of Julia and Diansty..and think how pretty, smart and classy she was.

    Funny...I watched Claudine for the upteenth time this weekend :)


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