Baby Daddy Drama...Ugh!

...I really try not to get this personal on my blog...but, you guys have been so helpful in keeping me focused on what's really important that I gotta let this out...this past weekend Mini spent her court appointed weekend with the baby daddy...Mini doesn't normally talk about her weekends and I'm of the mind that as long as she doesn't have a problem, I don't have a problem and he won't have a problem...Well, Houston, we have a problem....

While eating breakfast before school this morning Mini informed me that she's tired of sharing her dad's weekends with his girlfriend...Hum, where is this coming from? Well, this weekend Mini hung out with daddy and girlfriend and girlfriend showed Mini a bunch of pictures of her with her niece and Mini's dad at the mall...smiling, hanging and having a good time...

(What kind of woman would do this to a little girl...? You know, hey Mini, want to see what me and your dad do when your going to the doctor?" ....she's just a dumb _itch)...

...While Mini spent last week at the doctor getting needles, listening to her doctors throw around words like, biopsy, liver failure, heart failure, bone marrow transplant...etc. and her daddy is at the mall taking pictures...UGH!

I blame him...not the _itch...what does she care? It's not her kid...I have no use for for him...what kind of man would make his daughter compete for his attention when she only gets it every other weekend? I asked Mini if he talked with her about her doctors appointment? No.........(tears). When I spoke with him about it he looked at me with a smirk and said, "don't they have a bone marrow waiting list?"................tears. que, Alicia Keys, Superwoman song...

I can't imagine how Mini feels...and I've asked her to tell her dad how she feels and she just tears up and says no...What can I say?...This breaks my heart...

I told Mini I can't make him into the dad that she deserves....I can only be the mommy she deserves and no matter what happens she must always remember that my world revolves around her until the time when she can revolve on her own and don't ever forget it...and then we sang this song....

Mini is amazing!


  1. My beautiful daughter is 22 years old and my reason for life itself. Her "daddy" and I were married for 2 short years{pure hell}. Keeping my mouth shut while I knew he was lower than a snails belly was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. She loved him like all little girls do.. with all her heart. Did I want to put a hit out on him everytime he lied to her or promised her something, yes I did(and still do).
    When she was very sick with a platelet count of 11,000 with bruises all over her body and I called him and he asked me "how much is this gonna cost me" I was ready to go to jail. I never dialed his number again. I still refused to speak ill of him to my daughter.
    I'm saying all this to say continue to be strong and your daughter will be strong and even. It's too unbalancing for a child.

  2. Wow I just read this and although you told me the story it was worse reading it. I really have nothing to say and that is rare. All I can say is I can imagine how you must feel and I hate imagining that. Stay strong. Mini is amazing and will prevail.

  3. You handled it very well.

    No matter how much of an a-hole her Dad is I think I would tell her he ADORES her, but he can be inconsiderate. Because she NEEDS to believe it.

  4. At least Mini has a fabulous mother like you! Try not to focus any of your energy on those losers. YOU ARE A SUPERWOMAN!!!

  5. Hey Lady.

    I can relate and know just how tough it is to be strong and put up the front. Not only do you have to deal with parenting on your own -WITH the added stress of having a child with life threatening medical issues--but you have to keep your emotions in check and always paint the other parent in a positive light (regardless of it not being the truth).

    You are an amazing mommy--you two are blessed to have one another.

    Don't let him get you down. He is the one that is missing out.

    Love ya

    Tell Mini she rocks!

    P.S. I miss you and all my other blog friends---I'm coimg back :)

  6. that's just terrible.

    why someone would subject a child to this is beyond me.

    i wish y'all the best, and you're great. :-)

  7. Your a fabulous Mom. Its great that you didn't tell Mini a lie nor sugarcoat about the a-hole. Stay positive and blessed.

  8. I hope Mimi has a journal where she can get all her feelings out. She is most likely not emotionally ready to share her feelings with her father (fear of him dismissing her feelings, fear of tearing up, whatever). But she needs to get them out, keeping a diary will help. You cannot replace her father, nor heal the hurt her father gives, but you can just be there for her. You are doing such a good job as her mother. She is lucky to have you.


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