...we spent saturday in Harlem...a new gallery opened and the artist Synthia Saint James was there showcasing a couple of her pieces...Synthia is the designer of the first Kwanzaa stamp and a very good friend of a friend...There was a buffet at the opening and Mini thought it was the all you can eat buffet...I turned around and her plate was piled high with food...lol.

...we made pretzels...Mini tried to eat them all...

...Mini and my nieces watching videos...


  1. oh i wish i could of went!!! those pretzels look so good...now i may have to make some..i've been craving some for a few weeks now.

    thank you so much for the wonderful comment on my blog...it is so motivating to get feedback from women whom i admire too!

    sometimes when creating i feel like i'm in my own little bubble, and when i step out...pop! i don't know what to expect.

  2. mmmm bread. (says the one whose body gets defensive whenever it passes her lips)

    i like the tv watching shot.


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