No More Dry Skin

I have to share this with you...I got this at my second favorite store, "Target". I have really dry skin...the kind of skin where 30 minutes after putting on lotion my skin looks like I just came out of a swimming pool...Well, I have been using this baby oil gel from Target for about a week...and my skin feels just like a baby...I'm serious...I put it on right after a shower and I'm smooth and soft all day...My new favorite thing...and, get this, just....$1.22 yes, this is not a typo. Run don't walk ladies...spring is coming...



  1. i totally use Johnson & Johnson's baby oil gel in the summer! The best thing ever! I also use baby oil (regularly) and ocassionaly baby lotion - all Johnson & Johnson.i figure if it's good enough for a baby it's good enough for me :) plus, you can't beat the smell.

  2. i will try that i have very dry skin to.thanks for the info


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