The Genius of IKEA

What can I say about IKEA without sounding like a stalker? This store has made it possible for the average Joe or Joesphine to live with style and dignity without resorting to dancing on a pole inorder to get your decorating fix.
I have a small terrace (a big deal in day I'll show it to you, but not right now, it's a mess) and this table for $9.99 is absolute folds down out of the way when not in use and the price does not insult your intelligence. In other stores, that I won't name here, you have to pay for their genius...not at IKEA...they want to share their genius with everyone...and the Aquarian in me can definately appreciate that...

Photobucket Now it's up...

Photobucket Now, it's down...

Photobucket What? Just $9.99


  1. ikea is one of my favorite spots to shop in.if gives you the best ideas. if you have a space and don't know what to put there you can find it at ikea


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