Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Another Easy DIY

Here's a little DIY I worked on recently...remember the cut-off jeans I thrifted...
 ...they were a little too tight for a mom of a certain I decided to try a little DIYon them...first I dipped the jeans in bleach...that whitened the bottom...then I wrapped the jeans in rubber bands and quickly dipped the entire shorts into the bleach...they came out with this great batik pattern on, I cut open the sides...this is where I added the fabric me the much needed slouchy fit that I love... was pretty easy...on a DIY scale from 1 to 10...this is a 4.  Well, maybe not a do need a sewing machine...I wouldn't try to hand sew this...
 ...look at the cool pattern I got from tying them up with rubber bands and dipping them in bleach...
 ...I patched a hole with fabric...

 The first pair turned out so cute...I did another pair...they remind me of something you would find at Anthropologie or FreePeople...Only, mine are cooler and didn't cost $158.00...

I should probably sell them on ETSY.


  1. Very cute, you could definitely sell, what kind of fabric are the side panels made of?]
    I hate to bring up ancient history(no I don't,lol) but you were going to show a no sew dress tutorial a while back, I know you are busy but can you add it to the to do list? Love your blog, long time stan!!!

    1. Hi 1reign,

      the side panels are a cotton print...and I will do my best to get that dress post up for you...and thanks for hanging in there with Soul Pretty...I really appreciate it.

  2. These are cute. I love DIY's.

    1. Thanks Stephanie Ann,

      and thanks for stopping by and commenting...I love reading and responding to comments...


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