Thursday, May 31, 2012

I love painting furniture

 ...found in the opps paint aisle of Home Depot...$2.00 could I not get it?  Especially after yesterday's painted furniture post as inspiration.

...and this sad little table waiting at home.

...just begging for a $2.00 make-over.

 I love painting furniture.  It therapeutic...and cheaper than therapy...and it keeps me from going postal on so many people. Buddha and incense.


  1. Really very attractive and beautiful painting furniture images shared.

    Oak Furniture

  2. It's amazing how much painted furniture changes the look of the piece. I recently took two completely different bedroom pieces and painted them the same color and added the same knobs, and they look like a complete set now. Such a great alternative for anyone that is having a problem saving money for a new piece.


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