Beautiful Before and After...

...So, the next time I see a weathered, beaten down, $25.00 table at the thrift's coming home with me...take a look at what a little elbow grease and vision can do...Go here to see how she made the magic happen...step by step.



  1. Now this is what I need to do. I want a high gloss white round table and I don't want to pay a whole lot.

    1. Hey Sing,

      Look for a round wood table on Craigslist...most people are giving them away...Target sells a brand new one that can be painted...

  2. hi and thanks for your comments on my blog about my dad. and life! i know, life sometimes (as you know) throws these incredible challenges at you, and it's even worse i think when you don't even see it coming. completely blindsided is not the best way to handle tragedy. again, thank you so much and getting back to blogging will help in some super small way ;)


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