Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Inspired Breakfast...

The Holiday Market in Union Square is officially open...I ran threw very quickly yesterday...the guy in the white short sleeve shirt below (yeah, it was a beautiful 65 degrees in NYC yesterday and looks like more of the same today) has a booth making crepe Suzettes...I didn't try it...but, he did inspire my breakfast this morning...nutella, bananas and green tea...YUM!  Mini woke up late with just 15 minutes to get dressed and get on the school bus...so no yumminess for her...from the looks of our nutella jar, Miss Mini has been sneaking this stuff by the spoonful...smile.

...more photos later.


  1. I m gonna havta get me some Nutella! I have never tried it!


  2. I too have never tried it. I have to see what the hype is all about soon.

  3. i hade *peanut butter* with bananas on toast for the first time a few months ago snd don't know how/why i'd been missing out on that treat. it was SO good to me! definitely gonna try it with nutella.


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