How can you not like IKEA?

...This very cool apartment was decorated with almost all IKEA furnishings...the futon, the rug, the floor cushions, the coffee table...pillows, lighting...everything except the can use your imagination there...but, how cool is this place?  I mean really, how could you not like IKEA?


  1. This space is pretty amazing. I want those floor cushions!

  2. Love Ikea. Was thinking of doing a post on all the Ikea things I have in my home. Great for decorating on the cheap. I still want those wicker low seating in the picture. I love how they placed them around. I can see friends chilling on them now.

  3. Ikea is great for modern in expensive furnishings!! I visit the store at least once a month!

  4. nice...i agree...dont get ikea can do wonders, and look great.


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