Thursday, March 19, 2009

...last night

...hung-out with my BFF last's been a while, she recently had a was sooooo nice to be baby and kid free for a little grown-up meal and conversation...Martinis, entrees, and desert (see the food porn below)...there was a live jazz band...and I was back home on the express bus by 11:30...what's better than looking for a parking space, no tickets and the weather was perfect for window shopping...When you get a chance check out ZARA...I hear the clothes are amazing this season...My i-report on the recession...there was no sign of recession at this restaurant last was packed...we waited over an hour for a seat...didn't mind...the martini helped...


  1. funny how i just discovered the other day.

    the dessert looks yum. it's the same way here (lafayette, la) you'd never know there's supposedly a recession. restaurants and boutiques stay packed!

    glad you had a great time. :-)


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