1. Visit Target

...saw a project on a blog that I would like to try and that means taking a trip to Target...yipee

2. Buy Drano

...bathroom tub is stopped up...ugh!

3. Stop by Home Depot

...would like to pick up a piece of plywood to make some sort of head board for my bedroom...you know it'll be funky.

4. Visit the supermarket...not my favorite chore...unless it's Trader Joe's

...sister is coming over for the weekend with the kids and I guess it would be nice if there were some food in the house...lol...

5. Pick up money order for car insurance payment before they cancel...

Doesn't that all sound exciting!?


  1. well, the headboard project sure does.

    and the supermarket visit, too. going to the grocery store/farmer's market is one of my favorite things to do. then again there isn't much else to do around here!


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