I Have a New York "accent"

I was speaking with a client...trying to convince them to add an wallpaper accent wall in their bedroom. 

Not an easy thing to do...when you say, "wallpaper" most people think of their grandma's dining room.

If you are nodding your head in agreement...let me show you how wrong you are...wallpaper has come a long way baby..
...this simple herringbone paper can be easily copied by painting free hand...no wallpaper needed.

This is my favorite.  A beautiful black and white graphic "temporary" wallpaper...that's right, I said "temporary"...peel and stick baby.
Get you some here, on ETSY.

Okay, I know some of you are still a little leery...why not use it on the side of your dresser draw?  ...peek a boo.

This is my favorite...yellow is becoming my new favorite color...sigh.

These dots can be picked up at any craft store or you could make them yourself by using a scrap paper circle cutter and the wallpaper of your choice.

Now this DIY is something I may try very soon in my entryway.  I'll use the temporary wallpaper I purchased at the dollar store...cut triangles and viola.

...can't go wrong with a kitchen accent wall.

...or a door.

Go ahead.  Make your house a home...infused with your personality.


  1. Huumm you gave me an idea! What about on the inside of my kitchen cabinet doors??? I painted the outside white years ago, but did not paint the insides? Let me go search for some wall paper RIGHT now! Thanks!!

  2. I'm loving the peel and stick patterns over at Livettes on Etsy!

  3. I did temporary wallpaper before in the bathroom and it peeled the paint off the walls. Not as temporary and mess free as it seems.


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