Do you ever watch something or hear a piece of music that just makes you want to create something?
Well, that's called inspiration...creative inspiration.  Because, inspiration comes in all forms...but that's a post for another day...

This weekend I was really inspired by the Netflix, documentary, IRIS.

Iris, a New Yorker, who at the age of 91 finds herself the latest fashion it girl.  SO...inspirational in a world that is constantly telling us that we should only value the fashion opinion of 20 year old girls.  

After watching the documentary I found myself in the need of a good fashion project.  When it hit me...I have had a thrifted, vintage, leather jacket for a year now...never worn...why not paint my jacket...?

The following images are for inspiration for my

I love the message painted on the back of Beyonce's

This jacket was painted by belongs to a guy he meet in an elevator...he just took out his markers and started drawing...crazy.

How much do you think it's worth here to read the whole story.

The painted leather has been trending since 2012...and doesn't seem to be dying is Burberry's version.

Burberry Painted Shearling - $3,000.00 +++ - Sold Out at Neiman Marcus

Everyone is getting on the trend...this is a DIY...Love it.


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