Back at it...Welcome BACK!!!!

Hi Guys! Where have I been? Or, where haven't I been, is more like it...
As most of you know or may not know my Mini has graduated high school...yeah...and is now an illustrious scholar at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. I could NOT be prouder...but, more and more and more on that later...I promise. 

Today, I just wanted to re-start the Soul Pretty brand by offering up a really quick hair tutorial on a style that I have been wearing all summer long, bohemian crochet braids...inspired by Mrs. Solange and one of my favorite bloggers, Sunitav...this young lady has style for days...follow her on social won't be sorry. 

This is the hair I used.  Two packs cut in half...if you want a bigger more Diana Ross look...I'm not mad at you...go ahead and use three packs.
$5.99 per pack

Don't know how to do crochet braids?  Just watch this video and you will be an expert in 5 minutes.  It's that easy.

Have fun and stay around for more Soul Pretty, DIY's...Inspiration...Thrift Hauls...Videos...Before and Afters...Recipes...What's up with Mini...and of course Decorating and Sewing.

I listened to a podcast on NPR on why women are not successful in business and the number one reason was, when we fail or don't succeed immediately, we give up and never try again.  That really spoke to me...I had given up on the blog...didn't really know why I was still doing it...but after listening to that show...It made me realize that if I love doing it I should keep doing it until I succeed.  Whatever success is...sigh.

Any who, today is my late mom's birthday so, as a tribute to the lady who put the "C" in my creativity...I'll start my blog again...thanks mom.  Miss you.


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