How I'd Like to Live Today - Boho Beach Vibe

Yes...please send me an invitation to this party...Love everything about it...especially the tablecloth, maxi dresses and chunky jewels...

I was on the beach yesterday...and I rarely wear a swimsuit...been working on my body...but it's not there yet.  This is the perfect way to chill on the beach comfortably.  I no longer buy one or two piece swim suit...I only purchase bottoms and wear a t-shirt or tunic on top...perfect.

Oh...look at Blu and sweet.
No boho day at the beach is complete without a floral headband...keeps the weave in check.

Why didn't I think of this?  I will be making this...because I looooove it!

Wouldn't this be the perfect spot to lounge after a day in the sun?
...and FYI, this table is haunting me...I started my blog...years ago...lusting after this table.
...another DIY project that never happened...sigh.

My dream is to have a dinner party on the beach as the sun sets...

The perfect dress for cocktails at the beach bar.


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