A quick glimpse into my New Orleans trip...

Guys, sorry I've been missing around the blog...I going to be honest...I just haven't been into blogging lately.  It's not really working as the creative outlet it once was for me.  I'm not sure how to fix it or if I even want to fix it...I think I'm just about ready to move on from blogging.  Sigh.

I do want to share a few pics from my trip.  I had good intentions of making a great video of the trip...with lots of tips and ideas on what to do and see...yeah. Nope.  Didn't happen.  Not saying that it won't ever happen...just not now.  Until then...here's the quick story...

This is the home we stayed in.  Loving restored, 3 bedroom home owned by two african american sisters...Cost just $99.00 bucks a night...we loved it.

cute little restaurant blocks away from the home we stayed in.  Good food, music and reasonably priced.

The home had a private porch off the bedroom...How long have I wanted to stay in a house with a porch off the bedroom...too bad the weather didn't exactly cooperate for lounging out there...but, it would be perfect in the spring and summer months.

No detail was overlooked in this home...skeleton keys lovingly restored.

We ate a buffet meal here...don't remember the name...it's on Bourbon street.  Food was just o.k.  I'm not a fan of the buffet meal.  Too many hands touching everything...yikes.

Jackson Square, French Quarter

Loved, loved, loved every home...and I took lots of pics...too lazy to upload.

This home reminds me of my girlfriends house...LOVED it! 

 The night view from the kitchen window where we stayed...bridge over the mighty Mississippi River.

 ...just look at how beautifully this home has been restored.

...and I'm out...


  1. Ah New Orleans! My FAVORITE city. Would love to know where you stayed and contact info.

  2. P.S. I must have felt your vibe about blogging! I'm following you now on Instagram! Do you Tweet also?

  3. I feel you about blogging. Instead of quitting, how about a break? Maybe you will get your mojo back for it. I think sometimes blogging and posting everyday can be a bit overwhelming. I used to tell myself I have to blog 3 times a week, now I do it when I feel like it and I feel much better overall.

  4. Thank you for providing the information. I would like to see some more blogs on this topic.

  5. i do understand what you mean about blogging. i went through the same thing, and kinda fell off for what seems like 2 years. i'm slowly working to get the momentum going again. whether you choose to continue on or not, you've definitely been a great inspiration for me over all these years, and i'm very appreciative of you've shared creatively and otherwise! i'm not on instagram, but i'm now learning that you are and i will try to find you there.

    great pictures from new orleans. The homes there are some of my favorites anywhere.

  6. First things first: If or when you do decide to leave us, I will miss your blogs presence. I love visiting you. : )

    I so appreciate these photos, I once lived in Louisiana but I was only a teenager and not allowed to venture that far south. New Orleans is a city on my must see, visit, experience list. There is so much about it that I heart.


  7. NOLA is one of my favorite places! I too would like the contact information of where you stayed. Great deal!

  8. I would like to have contact info for were you stayed as well. It would be a real NOLA experience rather than staying in a hotel AND supporting a locally owned business, too!!


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