Next UP...NOLA

My dream trip...two of my favorite movies are Skeleton Key and Eve's Bayou...both filmed in Louisiana...I just love the imagery of the place...where bohemian life, spirituality, curiosity and a love of life collide.  
I'm renting a home with a friend for 4 days in the Garden District of New Orleans.  I used the Airbnb website to book the house. 
Airbnb is a site where people just like you and me list their actual homes for rent by the day, week, month or year.  (need some extra cash????)  I follow a few bloggers who have used the service with I decided to give it a try.  Give the site a could be there all day...tons of photos of homes all over the world just waiting for you.
This is my first time using Air B&B...but, I did say this is the year of doing things I've never done before...Our host has amazing reviews on the site...can't wait to meet them.
This is not the house we are renting...that would be creepy...don't need any creepers.

I can't wait to tour the above ground cemeteries.  New Orleans is so rich with history and culture.  Did you know they can't bury people underground because of flooding?

Ah, yeah.  No!  I'll pass on the loud, walking parties of the French Quarter.

Yeah...that's more like it...Frenchman Street...galleries, food, jazz...I'm open to that...

I look forward to crossing the Mississippi River...sigh.

The Food Network recommends Cafe Beignet for the best beignets in the City.  I'll give it a try.

According to my research, Royal Street is the tourist destination for art...can't wait.

And of course the music...can't miss the music...
Can't wait to share my adventures with you guys.

Live the life you dream about.  I dare you.


  1. New Orleans! My favorite Spot! You will have a BALL!

  2. You will have a blast. I hope it's everything you have dreamed it would be. I think I want to do AirBNB for a Paris trip.

    1. I'm packed, loaded and ready to go...!

  3. I love New Orleans, make sure you venture out in the real New Orleans and you've made a great start by renting in a neighborhood. The touristy stuff can be expensive. The real New Orleans is awesome if a little sad due to the overwhelming poverty. I love it there, haven't been since the year of Katrina, I went before in the spring before Katrina.

    1. Wow really...the spring before the storm??? Sigh...We are renting a car so we will surely venture outside of downtown...can't wait...

  4. One thing I love about my job is that there are major trvaelers and they are from conferences and events.I aso heard aboutAirBNB through them, although I'm still skeptical about using someones home. I can't help it,Criminal Minds ruined it for me! LOL! Have a ball and give full details, I'm there for Essence Fest (come hell or highwater!)

    1. Girl...stop. I have a friend who rents his apartment in Manhattan thru airbnb...meets lots of cool people from all over the world.
      Just wait until I get back...I'll give you all the deets...I'm renting an entire house...with know I love a balcony...for just $89.00 a night. When all the hotels I check with were over $299.00 a night...unless you want to stay out by the airport...know what I mean...? So, I'll let you know how it you can get your deal for Essence.

  5. sounds like a great plan! you might run into some mardi gras action, too, since it'll be coming up the following week. (buuuut...that might be something you want to avoid!) wishing you a safe and joyous trip! :)

  6. I have yet to go there hopefully this year


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Live the life you dream about...I dare you.

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