A funny thing happened at the Thrift Store...

I was in the parking lot of the thrift store...trying to stuff a kitchen cabinet into the back seat of my car (more on that later)...when a nice white haired lady pulled up next to me...at first she tried to help me get the cabinet into my car...yeah...thanks, but no.  I didn't want her to get hurt over a $10.00 cabinet.  That's when she pulled these babies out of her car and asked if I wanted them...???

Ah, heck yes!  ...So into the front seat they went...cause that cabinet was still hanging out the back seat.
She told me, it looks like I would love them as she had...and could no longer cause she has little kids in her home again...Ohhhh.  So sweet.

...and yes lady, I will care for them as you had...I just need to find someplace to put them in my apartment...

sofa side tables...?

as bedside tables...?

...and you guys know me...I did my research to find out their value...and looky, looky...Expotacto.co is selling a similar set for $600.00 bucks...I'd call that a come up...wouldn't you?

 ...just look how lovely they would look if I put them on my red rug...
 or they could sit somewhere with a basket under...

How about spread out as a coffee table?


  1. What a score. Do you have a rule where something new comes in, something old must come out?

  2. Oh my stars!! You sure did luck up... I know you'll definitely find a place for them..Look forward to seeing where..


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