Hello...Are you there?

Hey guys, no excuses for my absence...just life.  I want to do a quick post/review of a new cosmetic line that I was asked to review.

It's called SUGAR...
With a name like SUGAR, Mini loved the product before seeing it...lol.

Mini is a budding Make-up artist...she could watch make-up DIY's on YouTube all day.

...So, we were excited to try the products...which are lovely. 

We really liked the duo lipstick/gloss...the duo mascara is the bomb!  

 Mini really liked everything we got to test except the creamy eyeshadow sticks...they were too creamy and creased and smudged easily.

 Mini loved the packaging...it is cute...

I'd put this make-up on par with the ELF make-up line.  
If you have a young lady aged 12-17 or your young at heart...give these products a try.  Price points are reasonable...have a look at their website...it's full of DIY, make-up and fashion posts...

Live the life you dream of...I dare you.


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