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It's just a corner of my bedroom...after loading in all the furniture there was a huge wall space devoid of anything...and you all know I can't live with blank walls...I've collected way too many beautiful pieces to have blank I pulled these two shelves from my rustic the other IKEA and began loading it with things that make me smile...the frames were purchaed last week from target....the images in the frame were printed off the all of these thing won't be staying...they just needed a place to land while craziness goes on in my living room....don't ask...UGH!  Lets just enjoy this boho vignette...and I caught the sun hanging out in my room again...I think she likes me now...


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    1. Hey Sing..thanks...the new wall color has given me life...everyday I wake up and smile at Sigh, proof again that it's the simple things in life that make you happy.

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    1. Thank you Joy...I'm going to make a video for the big reveal...I want to give you guys the full

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    1. Thank you the way, I love that name...


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